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How Can the Registry Help Me?

If a consumer and/or Authorized Representative (AR) find themselves not being able to secure a provider for permanent or temporary service (i.e. Sick Leave Coverage), the IHSS Public Authority (PA) Registry is here to help!!!!

The IHSS PA of Imperial County maintains a homecare provider Registry that consumers can use to find a suitable provider. The Registry is an optional, no cost, referral service that a consumer or AR can access if the consumer has no provider or will not have a service provider in the near future.

Registry staff investigates the qualifications and background of individuals who wish to be referred to consumers.  Providers who meet all of the qualifications (for Provider Qualifications’ click here), are entered into a computerized system. The system is equipped to match certain service factors to the needs of a particular consumer. 

Generally, Registry staff mails the consumers the names and contact numbers of several providers who meet the consumer’s specific service needs and preferences.  Referrals are based on geographic location, language, service needs and provider skills.

Once a list of potential provider matches is presented to client and/or AR it is their responsibility to call, interview and hire the provider of their choice.  The registry does not hire; it only serves as a referral service.   

If you or a consumer are in need of a list of potential provider matches, please click here on steps on how to access this services.

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