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Consumers’ in Need of a Provider

The IHSS Registry is an optional, no cost, referral service that a consumer and/or Authorized Representative (AR) can access if the consumer has no provider or will not have a service provider in the near future (i.e. permanent provider quit, has been dismissed or will be using approved Sick Leave, etc…)

The IHSS PA Registry provider referral service can be accessed by:

1) Calling the consumers’ assigned IHSS Social Worker and requesting a list of potential provider matches;

2) The IHSS Social Worker will present the petition to the IHSS PA office based on service needs and other important factors;

3) A list of potential matches will be made available to consumer and/or AR based on the petition presented by the IHSS Social Worker;

So I Have a List of Potential Providers, What’s Next?

1) Call and interview the providers;

2) Make a selection and advise Public Authority of the provider you decided to hire. If no selection was made, contact Public Authority staff for further assistance.

3) In some cases, IHSS Public Authority may not be able to find a match due to a number of uncontrollable factors and/or situations.  

Remember:  It is against the law for a consumer to refuse to hire a provider because of the provider’s age, race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, political affiliation, gender identity, marital status, or disability.

Back-Up Providers: If your permanent provider will be out and will not be able to fulfill the required service needs for a temporary time frame, the registry can also help in finding a back-up provider. Click Here for more information.

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