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IHSS Public Authority Services

The IHSS Public Authority (PA) offers a variety of services in support of IHSS linkage and provider support.  The following are services available through the IHSS PA office: 

Criminal Background Checks and/or Live Scan

IHSS Public Authority supports in the monitoring of results of fingerprinting as it is required under Assembly Bill ABX4 19.  It is a pre-requisite that IHSS providers undergo and pass a criminal background check which is conducted by the California Department of Justice (DOJ).  Click on the link below for information regarding this requirement. 

Health Benefits

Eligible providers that work and are paid for 80 or more hours for two consecutive months and have no other type of health insurance may be invited to apply for health benefits under SIMNSA.


The health benefits include medical and dental coverage provided through SIMNSA, which is a health management service located in the border town of Mexicali, BC.  IHSS providers that qualify will be sent an enrollment package.  It is important that IHSS providers’ respond to this enrollment invitation to determine if eligible.   


The health benefit has a monthly Premium of $20 dlls. that is deducted from providers’ State of California issued paycheck.


For more information regarding health benefits please visit:


Walker Insurance Solutions, LLC

Phone:                  (949) 545-0163

Fax:                       (949) 545-0167

Toll Free:             (800) 883-0902


or you can also contact the local IHSS Public Authority office at (760) 337-7722.


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